I’ve decided to open up commissions in order to raise some money for personal finances! I’ll be open from now until likely mid-july, or until I can manage to secure myself a job.

All of the prices above are for busts, and if you’d like full body the prices are as follows:

  • Sketches - 12$
  • Line Art + Flat Colors - 20$
  • Sketch Painting - 28$
  • Digital Painting - 50$

The average amount of time it takes to finish each of these are about 20 minutes for a sketch, 1 hour for line art + flat colors, 2-3 hours for sketch paintings, and somewhere around 7-10 hours for digital painting, depending on how detailed it is.

For each additional character, it is half the price of the original. (For example, Line Art is 15$, so for two characters it would be 23$, since half of 15 is 7.5 and I’m rounding up.)

I require payment upon completing the sketch, which is the latest that you can say you don’t want to pay -meaning that if you only want a sketch you don’t get the option of opting out. This is due to the horrible crime of completing pieces only to be denied payment. As a result though, it’ll motivate me to finish up the piece faster.

Even if you can’t buy any commissions or donate, please help spread the word by signal boosting!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Edit: Because Tumblr’s messaging system is unreliable and also just plain awful, please contact me by my email: Colonel-chic@hotmail.com


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Happy Birthday Dave Franco (12th June, 1985)

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